Fund Raising

A considerable budget will be required to hire & properly compensate a talented team. Initial seed capital will be raised via private donations in support of the Solar Tree Initiatives. These donations can be provided by visiting our GoFundMe page. These funds will be utilized to build the initial team, so that we may improve this website, form the supporting corporate entities and begin the initial design work. 

Team Building

In order to make a robust Solar Tree, utilizing ecologically sustainable methods, we'll need a talented team of engineers, marketing professionals, and corporate executive types. If you have interest in working for a company with big plans to impact major global issues, then you've come to the right place. Click the 'Learn More' button below to read about some of the first positions we'll need to fill.

Designing & Selling

Once we've raised some initial funds and have assembled our preliminary team, it will be time to start designing, testing and certifying our Solar Tree. This will be a very exciting time to be part of the Solar Tree Initiatives. Critical decisions regarding mission, tree design, plastic collection methods and more will be decided upon and implemented. Click below to read more about plans during this stage.

The Plan

It all starts with fundraising...

Once funds have been raised, the initial team will be assembled and the associated corporate entities will be formed. The next step will be to begin the Solar Tree design work, along with aggressive marketing of the Solar Tree concept (including a massive upgrade to this very limited initial website). Once the Solar Tree design has been built and sufficiently tested, the related certification work will begin. As soon as the certification and initial manufacturing timelines can be established, to a high degree of certainty, a crowdsourcing initiative will be launched. The crowdsourcing initiative will include pre-sales of the initial planned production run, based on how many Solar Trees can be manufactured in-house within a reasonable amount of time. The funds raised from the crowdsourcing campaign (pre-sales of Solar Trees) will be utilized to purchase manufacturing equipment and materials to complete the initial production run. From this point, efforts will continue related to enhancing the Solar Tree design, working with third-party add-on module manufacturers and creating the Distributed (home-based) Manufacturing business, so that the building of Solar Trees can begin to happen in local regional areas around the United States. By manufacturing Solar Trees locally, in the markets they will be sold into and used in, we will be able to streamline the collection & costs associated with the recycled plastic source materials the trees will made from. If all this sounds compelling, please read on further and join our efforts in any way you can; by donating your time, your company's services or your money. 


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